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Saturday, August 30, 2014

FALL-ow me, everything will be alright

Quilted leather side patch sweatshirt: Threadsense
Skorts: ROMWE
Shoes: H&M

Not much talking just a pre fall outfit. Have a happy Fall


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Six Seasons, For Fashion People

Pineapples as a fruit is a complete no no for me but for a print ahhhh yesss. If I had a pineapple printing machine I would put pineapples on just about everything I have, however I have been consumed in the thought of having pineapple prints on my glasses. Just a thought am not so much of an extremist. I love the tropical, beachy, palm trees and coconuts and hawaiin feel it gives me. You guys already travel a lot through clothes, if i can't go to one I would dress like one just to get the feel. I would say it works fine for me, places give me inspirations to dress. Nothing like finding inspirations to dress. I put in a lot of work and emotion into the way i dress, I like to know where I am going and what I am trying to portray. Its art :) As for the pants I have been wanting drop crotch pants for the longest time, and I haven't been able to get one that fits to my needs, but here is something that is a hybrid of harem/drop crotch pants and jogger pants which i found laying in my closet.
Crop top: Romwe
Pants and khaki denim jacket: Bangkok
Pants: Bangkok ( i think)
Shoes: Qupid ( these patton 01 sneakers are so madd comfy)
Sunglasses: QUAY (rponounced Key)
Hair: Dirty Bun in true essence because my hair was really dirty that day. eww

How would you feel if I told you that there were six seasons. Ridiculous right. For the longest time I have believed that there were 4 seasons spring, summer, fall and winter right. And we dress and shop for four seasons. Well here is something thing new, there are two more seasons namely Resort/ or Cruise collection and Pre fall. Resort collections fill the gap between fall and winter around November-ish side and spring summer around february. Resort/Cruise collections were originally targeted at wealthy people who travel to warmer places hence Cruise, originally high end but with more and more fashion forward people people are starting to look at resort collections as an year round collection. You see a lot of tropical prints, nautical stripes basically boat/yacht type fashion. And you will notice I have been nothing short of resort clothing myself with my previous post being in stripes, tropical prints and now this tropical fruit. lol

To the next season pre fall, which makes complete sense to me. You know how how there's the type of weather that is fall but not really fall. As in how its not too chilly to wear huge sweaters but chilly at the same time. Pre fall to me would consist of a warm something but not too covered up at the same time. You will get it in my next post. Like a wollen plaid skirt, the wool keeps you warm but its still a skirt. You cant imagine wearing a skirt in winter or fall. Pre fall does that, keeps you prepared for the hot day and cool evenings.

And  like I always say I hope you don't feel like am talking like I know everything. I have never had a fashion background and I don't know most fashion terms. All I have is a great deal of passion and enthusiasm and this makes me want to learn and I am just imparting the little I know. Because sharing is loving right??? (cliche') lol

And this post is for an old friend of mine who goes by the instagram name @avocadozealot. she asked me to do a Mc hammer harem pants outfit post, and this was the best I could do. Not as crazy as his pants but an inspired post nevertheless. :)

Good Day

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I own a Boat, at least my stripe says so

Stripe rompers: I think Bangkok
Bagpack: Read the post, its not a very long story

Nautical stripes or stripes of any kind makes me feel rich. Its just a thing with me and along side the accepted fact that it makes you look taller too, given its a stripe done well. This look is completely inspired by coachella, a music festival I have always wanted to go to. I can't go to one right now but at least I can look like it. The seasons of festival is just around the corner in Bhutan too, except its a different traditional kind. Mask dances, heavy silk dresses, holidays, its gets so vibrant. My look here is very minimal as always except for my shoes and my tradional bag pack which my boyfriends mum wanted to throw away. I shamelessly asked her if i could keep it. I love bag packssssss. 

Have a nice day


Monday, August 18, 2014

bad girl OH BAE

Sweatshirt: Boyfriend's ran too small for him.
drawstring denims: ELEZ
cutout boots: Ebay
OBEY snapback: Borrowed from my brother

Rihanaaaaa yes I love her fashion. She is so bold, yes I must admit some of the things that she wears is too outrageous for me but I love her street fashion. This gurl right here inspired me to go denim on denim. I was always so skeptical of going full denim. Some things I have learnt admiring her fashion especially with denim on denim is break down the color by going different shades of denim so that you don't look like a walking denim. Lets just say you are wearing a deep hued denim then keep your denim top a little washed out or something like that you know what  I am talking bout. Just a little tip. I am not claiming to know everything, I am very much in the learning just saving you your time. I am also not saying it works for everyone express yourself the way you do best, but it works for me. Just sayin'

don't let anyone tell you otherwise
quote me on that


Saturday, August 16, 2014

X marks the Spot (All White)

Crochet top:Gifted by my Boyfriends mum
Clutch: Forever21
Shoes: ThreadSence
Skirt: I am pretty sure its from COTTON but i can't find the link. For those of you interested I have it in orange for sale. Exact same skirt just different color. The size is a medium fits small too ;) I am wearing a medium too,I usually wear Small. 

So you guys know how much I love white, and I decided to don the crispiest color of spring/summer, White. I am a very minimal person so I decided to White everything except for my shoes, but in my opinion there is nothing minimal about this all white outfit, IRONY!!! I played around with textures and material for this outfit. I wore a crochet woven top which i decided to work like a crop top and it worked beautifully. My skirt is a chiffon pencil skirt with sheer see through material towards the knees which drew me to the skirt in the first place. It is so subtle yet so loud.

Taking pictures with a white outfit and a white background is a bad idea at least for me. I don't understand the physics of light but I felt like the white back ground and white outfit did something that made me look darker than normal. I am not the fairest person,I consider myself pretty tanned.And that moment when an already dark person buys tanning lotion. I am not joking I have tanning lotions and go out in the sun to get tanned. Of course one must know the fine line between a sun burn and tan. And I am sorry I look so angry in the pictures the hot sun and bright light was burning my eyes. I have really sensitive eyes, tears up easily.
 I hope you have a stellar rest of the summer. 


Monday, August 11, 2014

This is SPARTA not!!! Gladiator-tress in Bhutan :)

Oversized "sicka than yo average" print tee: ASOS
Draw string denim shorts: purchased from Elez for 600/~$10
Gladiator heels: QUPID SHOES from Beyond The Rack
Mirrored Shades: BERSHKA
Photographer: My youngest aunt, aunty Karma. Thank you

This outfit in my head is the easiest and edgiest. Easy because I just have on over sized shirt on and drawstring short shorts.Its so amazing how a shoe can change your whole look. Had I not had my shoe on i would have been any plain Jane. I am have been wanting a gladiator heel for sooo long, i cant even remember how long ;). I have my usual "Brown or berry is the new red" lip on as I seem to be going through my grunge obsession. I have been using my lip liner and it is the perfect shade for me however it does make my grills look yellow-er than it already is. The draw string denim shorts was an accidental purchase, I was just in town with my aunt and my baby cousin and she kept going to the Elez store and I went to go get her, and i decided to put my hunting skills to use and I found the perfect pair of denim shorts. I don't like jeans or denims that doesn't feel like skin, so this was just the right make and feel and to top it off it had draw strings on it. Drawstring on a denim is something I haven't seen very often plus I hadn't bought anything from my T-town so I went ahead. And I have been wearing it for 3 days non stop. I tend to over indulge in things I like.
I hope you like the look


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dress for Less ( Under Ng 1080/~$18) And Rants!!!

Tropical print dress : H&M for Ng 490 or $7.97
Sandals: Ng 590 or $9.60

So a couple of days ago, I posted on my Facebook page that I would attempt to dress for less under Ng 1000 or less than $20. I wanted to bring something new to the table hence the post. So here was a couple of things I considered before going for my Challenge. I kept reminding myself that I had to keep it under $20, and given the lack of choices here, in Bhutan I had to brain storm. 1st there was no way I could get two piece outfit under the budget. So hence a one piece. Secondly ....Where? As for the where, I am not trying to claim I know everything but I know the clothes your get here in retail stores are firstly clothes from either replicas or from the streets of Bangkok, or Nepal or India, and I would love to be proved wrong. But from my experience so far that is what I have found. So here is the little better option, We have this store kind, people here commonly call it Dhaka Sales. Hear me out, as to why  it is a better option. Its almost like the Bhutanese version of a Goodwill store in America.

So I don't know how it works out, but what I do know is most Clothing Brand giants have their factories located in countries where labor is comparatively cheaper and Dhaka or Bangladesh is one such place. So like i said I don't know how it works out but these Dhaka stores here import these clothes in humongous bags. I believe they bring clothes that are either out of season or not up to the mark. So after much asking around I went to one of the biggest Dhaka Sales in Changlam Square and found something more than I anticipated. The reason why I don't mind clothes there is first of all :- The designs and quality is nice and second its cheap. Plus an International Brands "not quite up to the mark" is ok for me. You have options, you can dig your time away. The most popular brands that are found are Zara and H&M. 

And my thoughts on a little scenario here in Bhutan. Kids, young adults everyone likes to show off. I am guilty of it as well. Its just the society we are brought up in, that is the mind set. Most of us including myself have at same point shy-ed away from buying clothes from Dhaka Sales because its cheap?? not very rational, but it is and while you r reading it, I hope it wakes that little person inside of you. I don't understand why? I mean thinking about it, Its better quality and make than the expensive one's you end up buying at least around here. Hi5 to you if you are not that person. Gotta wear your heart out ;)
Secondly we are bred to think that designer clothing is everything. Of course it is, only if you can afford it. Nothing wrong with lusting designer. But if you do happen to own an inspired or replica then say it so. Its just wrong on so many levels to claim its Prada or Gucci when its not. Most designer goods cost from 2000$ -god knows how much dollars. lol.  Not all of us are daughters and sons of Bill gates or Oprah. I am personally not the biggest fan of designer clothing, I mean I love a few here and there selective designer goodies BUT I am a very vintage contemporary brand person. My go to brands are Zara, H&M, Mango and online stores like asos, nastygal, free people and tons. I love the wide range of peices and styles i can experiment with. But I do want to own a Louboutin some time in future, not because I want to wear it but I like the idea of collecting. lol 

As for aspiring Bloggers,  I would suggest you go ahead if that is what you want to do.  Just make sure you are consistent unlike a certain someone(me). And just because I was a little disturbed when I was asked by a newspaper reporter who was doing an article on Fashion Bloggers. When i read the article, I disliked how it was made to look like bloggers are rich kids on the block, who spends on shoes. Not the reporters fault, and I am sorry if I at some point made it seem like that. But I butter tongue, work my ass off to impress a prospective shoe buyer lol and sometimes save though to meet my shoe needs. And It didn't require me to be rich. The only real investment for  my blogging has been my DSLR the cannon 60 D, Which cost my mum more than $1400( and a little html idea lol). But DSLRs are an investment and there are so many cheaper options out there now. And as far as I know,  most bloggers are working and they buy their own clothes or shoes and don't have someone else supporting their habit. So please its not like it seems. :) I want to thank all of you for reading my blog and following me. But I in no way want to mislead you. Its never about how expensive your clothes are but how well you put it together. 

Btw Tropical Prints Are so Versatile work well with Summer. 

Good day. Sorry for the rant :)