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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gothic Revival

                                                    Skirt: Designed to my needs by Sonam Tee keltshok
                                                      Cutout  Boots: Ebay
                                                    Clutch bag: CPS
                                                    Metallic choker: MANGO
                                                   Mirrored Glasses: Bershka
                                               Phototgrapher: Kezang Lhamo my cousin sister

Its been 3 long months since I blogged and i have learnt that consistency is one thing I suck at. But the good side of it, if i may explain myself and my fellow procrastinators is that I don't like forcing myself to do something I love. I really need to find enough inspiration and time in me to blog. It is a very private affair for me. Sometimes I don't blog because I can't and sometimes I am just not inspired, hate to say it but it does happen to me even to the point of eating seeming like a huge work load. I am plain lazy and I love and celebrate my laziness in a world where people are rushing to get their presentations done or working their ass off to get a heftier paycheck. I can be the chill-est person sometimes(most of the times????) with not a care. Hurray for people like me but the bad side of it is sometimes infact most of the times its absolutely necessary to be a realist. So heres the solution either jump into the Realist bandwagon or come elope with me on my spaceship to planet dreamers and lazybums :) 

Talking fashion, here are a few things I have been obsessed in random order baking(my boyfriends mum, who i think is the best cook and baker), cooking, Iggy azalea, shopping online, drop crotch pants(thank you justin bieber) dark lipstick and boots any kind basically. For those of you familiar with my style, y'all already know I love vintage and androgyny fashion. I love mixing dressy girly girl stuff with a statement masculine something could be a belt, shoes, watch anything really. 

I  am an internet freak and from what i have read and seen everywhere from grammys to upcoming musicans I see a little "goth revival" going on. Either they all signed a secret pact to bring back gothic or either it was a case of mere fashion coincidence or the most seeming of all its the "thing" right now. See i am not the type of person to jump on the trend just because i see its the trend. I need an approved seal from my inner soul.  And for the goth revival I give "approved" with all my soul i scream "I surrender ohh mighty goth ancestors". I need to leave my flair for drama out hahah. In this outfit you see here almost all pieces are what i consider a necessity for the coming seasons. For goth inspirations watch out for Lorde who for some reason never occured to me till my boyfriend asked me if i had been following Lorde. lol

A white voluminous skirt i consider my new LBD, a galaxy print anything thats optional, an absolute need being cut out boots you can carry in ur wardrobe safely till fall 14'.

I want to thank all of you who have been following me on instagram, thats the only platform i was active in for the continuous support and love. While I fed my inner self with baking lesson with my boyfriends mum even to the point of gaining access to her secret recipe for brownies(thank you boyfriend), playing ping pong with my cousins on a home made table, spending time with my boyfriends brother, going out of my way to cook my mum dinner on my experiment recipes its been amazing. Of course not all days were sunny filled with rainbows i had my downs too but the thought that tomorrow is always going to be a better day always takes me forward looking for brighter things. 

Thank you all for the love

"Carrie of sex and the city meets Goth"

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Sweatshirt Cult FT Rosegal

                          Sweatshirt: Rosegal
                          Torn leopard mini: Bangkok
                           Chukka Boots: American Apparel

Yellow peeps,

I am feeling over the top active. :) I  have been going on and on about the sweatshirt culture. As of now I would pick a sweatshirt over anything. Big love to kenzo for taking sweatshirt to the next level. I would like to introduce you to another online store I love. Check out Rosegal. I love this online store because they have amazing collection of vintage and street wear. See, I am not just writing this because they sent me this sweatshirt for free but I decided to do this because I looked into their store first and I was impressed by the things they had. They have a great collection. I was asked to pick anything from their collection and being the sweatshirt crazy I was I picked this amazing sweatshirt which i swear I live in day and night and its lightweight just perfect for summer. Did I mention the print was what got me the most... I am a big gorillaz fan and somehow the prints and colors just reminded me of them. As weird as it sounds I feel a karmic connection to The Gorillaz whenever I wear my sweatshirt. :)

Here are their facebook and youtube links

Don't forget to get yourself at least 2 sweatshirts. I promise, its amazing.

Photography credits to: My Babe Thuthop :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Summer Daze

Dear SD fam,

I am so sorry for taking such a long time to do a post. I was away for some personal reasons and I must say I am back for good. For my comeback post, I would like to introduce you to an online store called SAMMY DRESS.  They have affordable chic clothes for everyone reinstating the fact that fashion and style does not necessarily come with a hefty price tag. I love brands there is no denying that but sometimes there are times when you just want to be able to wear clothes feel amazing not having to worry about what unknown catastrophe is going to hit your pricey outfit. Especially for summer, I want to spend my summer having a good time, wearing clothes that make a statement and have real fun without having to be an uptight untouchable ass. I really do. Which is why I decided to collaborate with them to bring to light to my amazing readers how you can DRESS FOR LESS.

Dress: Sammy Dress the link to the dress i am wearing is HERE
Shoes: H&M
Jacket: Pena House
Dog: chihuahua lol my boyfriends :)

If you want to know more about them here are their links:
Facebook :
Youtube :

This season make sure to be colorful and classy. I cant wait for the days to get even warmer.

And the pictures are taken my by boyfriend who is to be my full time unpaid photographer. I am cheap. ;) Thank you boyfriend.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013

Summer Lookbook Satin Diaries X Elez Look 1

So you guys know I have collaborated with Elez over summer and somehow we could never get the lookbook out. So we have decided to do web editions through my blog. All the clothes in the outfit post are from Elez I picked for the lookbook. I hope you all like it.